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Rachel Dowd is an impressionist painter who hails from Spencerville, Indiana. She captures the beauty of everyday life through a palette and brush, showcasing the tranquility and joy in life's simplest moments. Her journey as an artist did not begin in art school but rather through raising a family. During these early years of marriage and motherhood, Rachel rediscovered her passion for art, which has been self-nurtured through books, videos, workshops, and an unyielding drive for personal growth.

Rachel's chosen medium is oil paint, which she employs with a minimalistic yet expressive approach. Her impressionist style is heavily influenced by Russian impressionists and contemporary artists who promote a 'less is more' ethos, allowing viewers to imagine and engage with her work. Rachel's canvases study the power of omission, where less detail means more engagement and every brushstroke invites the audience to complete the scene.

Rachel's art reflects her philosophy that small acts of care and love have a profound impact. As a stay-at-home mom, she finds inspiration in the importance of domestic life and the beauty of nature. These themes resonate throughout her work, emphasizing the richness of life's everyday experiences that make it flavorful.

Rachel's impressionistic style has evolved through years of dedication, with each painting representing a commitment to capturing emotion over detail. She has received numerous awards, including honors from the PleinAir® Magazine and the Kekionga Plein Air Festival, reflecting her standing in the art community.

As a generous artist, Rachel has begun to extend her passion for art through teaching, finding fulfillment in guiding other artists along their creative paths. Her workshops share techniques and inspire a deeper appreciation for the artistic process.

Rachel Dowd's biography is not just the story of an artist's career but a testament to her belief in the transformative power of art to encapsulate and communicate the essence of life's everyday beauty. Her art invites viewers to pause, appreciate, and find joy in the moments that truly matter.

Groups and Organizations

  • Indiana Plein Air Painters Association

  • Northern Indiana Plein Air Artists

  • Fort Wayne Artist Guild

  • Oil Painters of America

  • American Impressionist Society

  • Hoosier Art Salon

Exhibitions And Events

  • Winner, Honorable Mention, Plein Air Oil Category, November 2023 PleinAir Salon from PleinAir® Magazine

  • Winner, Kekionga Plein Air Festival, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Summer 2023, Nocturne Award, Taste of the Arts Award, West Central Neighborhood Association Award

  • American Impressionist Society 3rd Annual Associate Member Online Exhibition, Summer, 2023

  • Winner, Kekionga Plein Air Festival, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Summer, 2021, Quick Draw Award, West Central Neighborhood Association Award

  • American Impressionst Society Associate Members Online Exhibition, Spring, 2021

  • American Impressionist Society Small Works Exhibit, Charleston, SC, Spring, 2021

  • Winner, Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, First Brush of Spring, New Harmony, IN, Spring, 2021, Quick Draw Award, Honorable Mention Award

  • American Impressionist Society Online Exhibition, Summer, 2020

  • Winner, Blowing Rock Plein Air Festival, Blowing Rock, NC, Summer 2020, First Place


  • First Brush of Fall, Converse, Indiana, Fall 2023


Primarily self-taught

Professional Workshops with:

  • Dream Tolle Perry

  • Greg LaRock

  • Kathie Odom

  • Steve Puttrich

  • Mike Hernandez

  • Marjorie Hicks

  • Camille Przewodek